School project, Trip, Bachelor party, Entrepreneurship, any idea from your mind. The organization of such a project requires :

  • 123 emails
  • 16 phone calls
  • 1678 post-its
  • 19 meetings in a bar

While all you need is :

  • 1 mailbox widget
  • 1 notepad widget
  • 1 chat widget

Maybe a calendar, a shopping list, a map, a second notepad and more. All these tools in one website.

Taking birth from social friendship network's idea, crowdfunding network's idea or even micro blogging's idea, is the social network for your projects.

  • Invite your coworkers
  • Select your tools
  • Configure your dashboard
  • Construct your project
  • Maybe share your page
  • Or just look for open project.

Third iteration still in construction